The Desire to Win


Since the NBA Playoffs began a few weeks ago, I have been following the trend on Social Media and noticed so may people are asking Spurs or Heat?, how many games?, who has the edge?. It had me thinking “What is behind the desire to win?” What are the qualities that these winners possess that enable them to experience the level of greatness they achieve? So I asked these questions to friends and clients, at social gatherings and in my business network. I heard answers such as commitment, dedication, discipline, focus and strength. Although I agree with all of these responses, it just seemed to me that there had to be some other quality. There is no question in my mind that each of us posses all of the characteristics of these winners. Each of us has extraordinary potential. But what is the attribute that the winning team or player has that would make them leap into the air for a mindblowing dunk or a buzzer beating 3 pointer. The Heat will try to become the fourth franchise to three-peat and the Spurs will be working on their 2nd NBA Championship. As I went through my list of traits the one that I kept coming back to was one that no one had mentioned — desire!

a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

Desire is the impulse, the driving feelings that give you the energy and ambition to give birth to your creativity, your passion and your vision.

To want something isn’t enough. You have to FEEL it. You can want or desire any and everything, but it isn’t until you are so closely connected with your desire that you can feel it, that it begins to give birth to manifestation.

Your soul’s desires are with you at birth for you to discover as you grow and evolve into the person you were created to be. Yet before you can unwrap this powerful force, just like the child NBA player who one day puts on a pair of sneaks and tells their parents that some day they will win a NBA championship, you must give voice to what you long for in the most precious place in your heart.

Whether it is winning an athletic competition, pursuing a loving relationship, writing a best-selling book, staring your own business, relocating or moving into the house of your dreams, you, like so many of us, may have heard the whispers of your desire calling yet have ignored it or pushed it away. Maybe you have stopped letting yourself dream or feel the ache of your own desires, either because you are afraid of the disappointment and hurt you might feel if you don’t get what you ask for. But unless you embrace the desires of your heart, you will be left empty and unfulfilled.
To create an extraordinary life you love, you must call on one of the most powerful agents of change in the universe: desire. When it is authentic, desire drives you to let go of the safety net and fears. Desire makes you want something so badly that you are willing to uncover your ‘stinkin thinkin’, release your outdated behaviors and beliefs from momma and ’em, and do whatever it takes in order to manifest it. Desire forces you to grow, evolve, and move closer to your God given purpose to serve.
Desire is the most important catalyst for bringing about lasting change. This is not a rehearsal; this is your life. Don’t wait another 5 years, your time is NOW.

 Do not wait another day to become fully engaged and present in your life, and to live a life you are in awe of and created to live. 

Tools for Transformation

1. Make a list of all your desires — both those things that you want to achieve in the physical world and those that you desire to feel on the inside. Do you want more self-confidence, more love, a clearer sense of purpose, greater peace of mind? Do you desire more money, more friends, a spouse, a child, or a new career? This is the time to list all of your desires without censoring yourself. Be honest. Be bold. 

Be brave. Write it down.

2. Create a vision map — either by cutting pictures that you love or words that inspire you out of magazines and putting them together in an inspiring way or by adding some images to your screen saver on your computer. Mine are sticky notes and index cards. Look at your vision map throughout the day to remind yourself of what you truly desire. Commit to taking three minutes each morning to seal these words and images into your consciousness.

3. If you feel any fear or hear the voices inside your head telling you why you can not have what you envision, register for my free tips, schedule a private session with me or sign up for ‘Prison Break’, to help you break free from whats blocking you at


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