Do You Have Bad Days?


I saw a great article by The Abundance Project and had to share.

With all the craziness going on in our lives, each of us is bound to have a bad day every now and then.

If you haven’t had a bad day yet, I applaude you, but I also know for a fact that you’re not being honest with yourself.

We talk of positive thinking, attracting what we desire, and loving like there’s no tomorrow, but in the middle of all that we should admit that there are days that don’t go according to plan, and other days that just downright stink.

I’ve had my share of bad days, as has everyone else living in this world.

What we need to acknowledge is that it’s perfectly OK to have a bad day sometimes.

Let me tell you why.

The Need for Bad Days

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”.

It’s a popular phrase that has been repeated over the years in movies, television and musical productions, but how can it be applied to having a bad day?

If everything went perfectly according to plan in your life everyday, how would you ever actually enjoy your life?

If you never experienced pain and suffering you’d never know what it’s like to get turned down for your dream job, break up with your significant other, or battle through a severe illness.

That may sound like a great thing, but when you don’t understand pain you don’t understand happiness either.

Long story short: If you take bad days out of the equation you’ll never appreciate the wonderful days.

You Don’t Have to Be Strong in Every Moment

Sometimes we have moments where we feel so much pain and heartache, it feels as if we will stop breathing right on the spot.

We lose our desire to feel happiness, and we sulk in negativity for a while because it’s more comfortable than facing our demons.

Others might tell you to pick yourself up and stop dwelling on the negative, but I believe in a different method.

When is the last time you’ve heard someone tell you to curl up on the couch and eat your favorite junk food when you have a bad day?

I’m not saying you have to do just that, but you should realize that you’re not going to be able to hold it together all the time.

You may have an unexpected trial, you may make a mistake you feel terrible about, and you might want to go into mourning for a while. I am telling you it’s completely ok to do that, because it will actually help you proceed to the next step—the healing phase.

Sometimes a Bad Day is a Blessing in Disguise

I’ve had a lot of bad days in my life, but when I reflect on the past I realize that most of those bad days paved the way for the greatest moments of my future.

Even though I fought having a bad day for a long time, eventually I learned to embrace the down days and use it as motivation to find happiness the next day.

So next time you find yourself having a rotten day, take a little time to heal and get right back on the path to happiness and abundance.

And always remember it’s ok to have a bad day sometimes.

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