Honoring Your Weakness Can Make You Strong

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For years, I was the “strong” one. I could handle all the ups and downs life threw at me: losing parents, losing a brother, going to prison, divorce, having a stroke, heartbreak, or my children’s pain. I wore my strength like a badge of honor but was left feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and angry.

I was stunned to discover that denying my weakness was the reason I was running myself into the ground. Because I had to do everything and be strong, I didn’t know how to ask for help and was saying “yes” way too often to things and people that didn’t serve me. Denying my weakness actually kept me from being assertive and telling people that I wasn’t always okay with the way things were happening. And even though I couldn’t see my own weakness, it was driving many of my decisions and sabotaging my goals.

I have learned to honor my weakness. By understanding the ways weakness crept into my everyday life, I now have freedom of choice. I have learned to honor myself by making better choices about how I eat, spend my time and what I agree to take on. My Prison Break Success System© gave me tools that allowed me to learn to express my emotions in a healthy way so that I no longer feel angry and exhausted all the time.

Today honor your weakness💛