Stop Blaming The Devil


I’ve always known this but have been reminded in a few lessons in these past couple of weeks. It’s not always the devil that causes life to go awry. We have a part to play in choosing the path.

Heres 5 Things we can stop blaming the devil for:

1. Stop Blaming The Devil  For Everything That Goes Wrong In Our Lives.
Not everything bad that happens in your life is The devil’s fault. There are so many decisions that people make that lead to consequences that effect many people. That is not to say that evil doesn’t exist – it does. But blaming the devil for everything is a bad practice. Let’s not focus on what has already been defeated.

2. Stop Blaming The Devil For Unwise Decisions.
I hear people blame the devil because they have made a bad decision. For example,  Your car running out of gas is ‘nothin but the devil’  Really? Really? You ran out of gas because you didn’t put gas in your car. If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. James 1:5 NLT

3. Stop Blaming The Devil For Giving Into Temptation.
We all are tempted, but The devil never forces us to give into that temptation. Because of Jesus’ victory over Satan on the Cross, we don’t have to give into the temptation. I hear people blaming Satan all the time for their giving into temptation, blaming him for their moral failures instead of taking responsiblity for their decision.

4. Stop Blaming The Devil For Our Lack of Leadership.
Programs and events succeed and sometimes they fail. But don’t blame the devil for your failed event or program. Often times it is a lack of leadership that is the problem. When we blame the devil for things that were our responsibility, we miss out on the leadership lesson that needs to be learned.

5. Allowing Unforgiveness In Your Heart. Forgiveness is the best weapon against the enemy’s attacks on our relationships. As long as we allow unforgiveness to permanently reside in the heart, it gives him a permanent foothold to torment the soul. While God can encourage us to do this for our own benefit, He can’t force us. On the other hand, the devil can’t force you to hold on to unforgiveness. It is an act of the will and has to be given freely in order to heal and release life.

What do you need to stop blaming the devil for?




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