Dare to Dream Again

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” ~Wolfgang von Goethe

I used to dream a lot when I was younger. Words like frustration or disillusionment had yet to enter my vocabulary and, in many ways life was easier. I basically had a single job growing up : dreaming and hoping for the future (believe me, I was rather good at it!). But time passed and I made my way through adulthood. Life happened and I stopped dreaming, believing that you have to be realistic if you don’t want to get your ass kicked. I thought “dreaming is something for kids, so we should just grow up at some point, shouldn’t we?”

No, we should not.

I had never thought I would stop dreaming. Ever since my childhood, I couldn’t help but let ideas flow into my head days and night. Whether projects, articles or even business ideas, nothing seemed impossible as long as I was determined to do it. People used to ask how I had so much energy and I would just reply that “ It’s simple, I believe I’m supposed to be doing it, I’ve seen it, I will create it with effortless ease.”

My calling was there all along, and I ignored it because I listened to other people.

Many do not share their dreams due to feeling they will be judged. 

Dreams look different for each of us. The significance of any dream is that it propels you forward. Dreams give us energy and make us enthusiastic. Dreams propel us forward. 

The world is full of dream crushers and idea killers. I’ve worked with many clients who never pursued their dreams because another person stated it could never happen for one reason or the other. 

A large percentage of us are not dreaming due to our dreams being put down or past disappointments. 

We find ourselves on auto pilot because it takes little effort and thought, it is easy. We get up each day and repeat what has been done the day before. We find we are existing in the world but not living.

As we enter the last several weeks of 2020, I ask that you explore if you are allowing yourself to have dreams or have you become complacent and have stopped dreaming. 

Dreaming is not just something that happens to us passively when we go to sleep, it’s a choice, a desire: to believe in the future and what might be waiting for us.

Dare to dream again 💛